Verify the following with the help of 2 activities or experiments:

- If two forces are in the same direction and they act on an object. So, the net force on the object is sum of the two forces and the direction of this net force is along the direction of the force greater in magnitude.

-If the forces are equal then the net force is 0.If one force is greater than the other than whatever is having the two forces exerted on it will move in the direction of the greater force's direction. The total force will equal the greater force - lesser force.

Dear student,
See the diagram below.
We apply a force of 10N to a block in the right direction and 20N also in the same direction.
Since these two forces are in the same direction so they will add with each other.
The net force on the block =30 N towards Right.

The same concept you can use for the second part as well.In case you found in difficult then do ask on our forum.

Hope it clears your doubt.


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