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Q1: The function f:a to b defined by f(x) = - x2 +6x - 8 is a bijection if a and b belongs to which interval

Q2: If f(4) = 4 , f*(4) = 1 then lim x tends to 4 2-​​√f(x) / 2 -​√x is equal to

the graph of the given function is as follows:

if we draw a line from the vertex parallel to y-axis, the given curve is divided into two parts 
one is (-, 3) other is (3,)in the first interval function is increasing and in the 2nd interval function is decreasing.and the range of the function is (-,1)therefore f:(-, 3)(-,1) is a bijectionand f:(3,)(-,1) is also a bijection

given: f(4)=4 and f'(4)=1limx42-f(x)2-x , which is of the form 00therefore applying L'HOSPITAL rule:limx42-f(x)2-x=limx4-12f(x).f'(x)-12x=limx4f'(x)f(x).x

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