Vinay and Manish are provided with 50 oranges each with a tray. They are asked to arrange them in an ordered manner within 5 minutes. Vinay successfully arranged the oranges with minimum empty space but Manish does not. (a) What type of crystal packing had Vinay attempted ? (b) What is the % empty space that remains in such type of arrangement of oranges ? (c) Name the values associated with the Vinay?s attempt for arranging oranges. (d) How many tetrahedral and octahedral voids are formed in the packing of 50 oranges ?

Dear student,
a) It is FACE CENTRED CUBIC structure with 74 % occupied space.
b) 26% will remain empty.
c) He have the knowledge of lattice structure and can apply the knowledge.
d) Total no. of tetrahedral void = 8 = 2 * no. of octahedral void
So octahedral void = 8 / 2 = 4

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