visit five families in your neighbourhood and enquire about akind of cloth they use .the reason for their choice and advantages of using them in term of cost ,duarability and mantinence.make a short report


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Three famalies who are farmers are using cotton cloth bacause they can soak more water as they work on field. But two families said they would prefer synthetic fibres bacause they are long lasting as they work in office.

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5 family
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three families living in my neighbourhood are middle class family . All the father of these thee family are working in coal mines.there is scarcity of oxygen.there is heat in the mine
.So they use cotton clothes as it absorbs water very is very good for skin also.
so all of them are preferring cotton clothes. 
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Please find this answer

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visit five families in your neighbourhood and enquise
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I visit my five neighborhoods 1-Mr.Rakesh Singh 2-Mr.Prem Raut 3-Mr.Alok Sharma 4-Mr.Ajay Arora 5-Mr.Mushtaq Ahmed :- When I meet them and ask which cloths they refers to wear,most of them says that in summer cotton is better choice because it is easily available, comfortable to wear, cheaper cost, last long and most important it absorb sweat of our body in summer. And in winter the wool is best choice and knit and arcylic. But wool is cheap, easily available and comfortable in winter
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Visit five families in your neighborhood and enquire about the kind of cloths they use the reason for their choice and advantage of using them in terms of coast durability and maintenance make a short note
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