wat do u understand by the respiratory quotient?

Respiratory Quotient:  The ratio of the volume of carbon di oxide produced to the volume of Oxygen used in a unit time is called respiratory quotient (RQ).

RQ = CO2 eliminated / O2 consumed

It varies with different foods utilized in respiration. For glucose, RQ is 1 (6CO2/6O2 = 1) for fats about 0.7 and for proteins about 0.85. The RQ indicates the type of food oxidized in the animal body during respiration.

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It is the ratio of volume of CO2 produced during respiration to the volume of O2 utilised .

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 Respiratory quotient (RQ)  is a measurement of the ratio between oxygen (O2) an organism intakes and carbon dioxide (CO2) the organism eliminates, expressed with the formula “RQ=CO2 eliminated/O2 absorbed.

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