We have often heard the phrase: ?Beauty is skin deep?. In spite of that, we often
see people idolising actors and celebrities who are good looking and attractive.
You have a conversation regarding this with your friend who believes that physical
beauty defines a person. Write down that conversation with reference to poem things of beauty .


Such questions are made for enhancing self-creative skills and should be tried

answering on your own. However, here are a few points that will help you in framing

your answer:

. You: I firmly believe beauty is skin deep. I do not understand why people idolise actors just because of their good looks.

. Friend: Oh, really! Don't you think that anything attractive has a charm of its own? Similarly, good looking actors are able to cast a spell on others and their beauty is a joy to look at.

. You: I agree that it is pleasant to look at a beautiful person. But, that is momentary pleasure. It is that person's manners, mannerisms and behaviour that truly matter. The way they treat others is what is going to bring about either happiness or sorrow in others.

. Friend: You do make a valid point. Just the other day, I was upset when I saw my favourite actor speaking rudely with a photographer.

. You: Yes, we must remember that it is eventually a person's values and ethics that make him attractive.

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