We hear different kinds of sound. But we love to hear music. What ensures
quality and pleasantness of musical sound? Explain briefly in terms of the
physics you have learned.

 Quality / Timber :  (1) It is that characteristic of musical sound that enables us to distinguish between sounds of same pitch and loudness produced by different musical instruments. (2) The quality of sound depends on the shape of the waveform produced by it. (3) The quality of a musical sound depends on the mixture of frequencies present in it.  TONE : A sound of single frequency is called a tone.e.g. waveform of sound emitted by a tunning fork.In Indian music sa re ga ma pa dha ni are tones .NOTE : A sound which is produced due to a mixture of several frequencies is called a note.It is a good quality sound.e.g. wave form of sound produced by violin .

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