what are bulliform cells?what are their functions?

wen there is no availability of water , the leaves become flaccid. and wen there is enogh water it becomes turgid. it is due to these bulliform cells

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Bulliform cells are the large thin-walled, empty cells that occur in the epidermis of many grass leaves and that by their turgor changes cause rolling and unrolling of the leaves thus regulating water loss.

when there is a water stress in leaf they help to minimize the water loss by curling inwards

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mennu ni pta.. sacchi yr..

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"Bulliform cells are large,bubble- shaped epidermal cells that occur in groups on the upper surface of the leaves of many grasses.Loss of turgor pressure in these cells causes leaves to "roll up" during water stress"
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Bulliform cells are large thin-walled cells found in the epidermis of grasses. They help in curling of grasses. When they are turgid, the leaf surface is exposed and when water is lost from them, the leaves curl.
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