What are CFC(chlorofluorocarbons). What are its harmful effects?

A chlorofluorocarbonis an organic compound typically consisting of chlorine, fluorine, carbon, and hydrogen

CFCs are the responsible for the degradation of the ozone layer in the upper regions of the atmosphere.The ozone layer obsorbs the harmfulultraviolet radiationof the sun.Depletion of the ozone layer leaveslife on earthexposed to the UV rays of the sun.Prolonged exposure to UV rays is known to cause sun burns and skin cancer

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Q) A contractor engages 54 workers to complete a job in 21 days. After working for 3 days,he found that he would get the work completed in 28 days if he doesn't increase the number of worker .How many more workers should he engage to get the wok de in time?

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