what are economic importance of thallophyta and teridophyta ?

Economic importance of thallophytes (algae):

  • Due to high content of nitrogen, phosphorous & many other nutrients, it is used as manure at different places.
  • In some countries, algae is consumed as food.
  • As they are photosynthetic, it contributes large amount of oxygen in atmosphere.

Economic importance of pteridophytes:

  • Most of the pteridophytes are used for medicinal purposes. The collected 30 species of  pteridophytes  have been used to treat 38 types of diseases such as wound and related injuries, body sickness, diarrhoea, skin problems, body pain,  knee  problem, cough, cold, fever, asthma, kidney problem, tonic, chronic disorders, several aches, hair growth, stomach  problems, ulcer, sore throat, leprosy, opthalmia, typhoid, urinary bladder and rheumatism.
  • They are used as soil binders.
  • They are frequently planted as ornamental plants.

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