What Are Glyoxysomes And Their Function

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Glyoxysome is a membrane bound organelle in eukaryotic cells which helps in the metabolism of fats. It is a type of peroxisome which are mainly found in germinating seeds. The functions of glyoxysomes are:

  • Breakdown of fats to sugars.
  • Synthesis of new cell walls
  • Helps in nitrogen metabolism

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Glyoxysomes are membrane-bound organelles found in plants, particularly in the fat storage tissues of germinating seeds. Glyoxysomes contain enzymes that initiate the breakdown and conversion of fatty acids to sugars, which the emerging seedling uses as an energy and carbon source until it is able to produce its own sugar by photosynthesis. In this pathway, fatty acids are hydroylzed to acetyl-CoA for the glyoxylate bypass.


The control and catalyse the decomposition of a compound by stages; specifically storage fat. Then channel the products towards the synthesis of numerous carbon compounds or carbohydrates. They are very important during growth because they help to synthesis new cell walls

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