what are internal processes explain the formation of any two landforms as a result of internal processes

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Internal processes refers to  continuous movements within the earth's surface  which includes Tectonics, Mantle convection, continental drifts, earthquakes, volcanic action.

1)  The surface of earth is not same everywhere. The Earth has a variety of landforms. Some parts of Lithosphere may be rugged and some flat.
2)  The ground or the land on which we are standing or living is slowly moving.
3)  Within the Earth, continuous movements take place.
4)  These are a result of two processes. The first or the  internal process lead to upliftment and sinking of Earth’s surface at several places. 
5)  The second or the  external process is the continuous wearing down and rebuilding of the land surface.
6)  The wearing away of the earth’s surface is called erosion.  The surface is being lowered by the process of erosion and rebuilt by the process of deposition.  
7)  These two processes are carried out by running water, ice and wind.
8)  Thus, we can group different landforms depending on elevation and slope as mountains, plateaus and plains.


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