What are Multipolar neurons,Bipolar neurons and Unipolar neurons

Neurons are the nerve cells which helps to transmit the information throughout the body. There are three types of neurons:

1) Unipolar neuron:
Unipolar neuron is the neuron which results due to the fusion of two polar processes emitting a single axonal process. It has only one process that arises from the main portion of the cell, or cell body. The most common type of unipolar neuron is sensory neurons.

2) Bipolar neuron:
Bipolar neurons are those nerve cells which consists of two cell processes that arise from the cell body. One of these serve as dendrite and other as axon. They are found in specialized organs like eyes etc.

3) Multipolar neurons:
Multipolar neurons are those nerve cells which consists of a single axon but contains many dendrites. They constitute the majority of neurons present in the brain and central nervous system.

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  1. Bipolar neurons have two distinct processes—one dendritic process that branches extensively at its distal tip, and one axon, with the cell body between them

    Bipolar neurons are rare but occur in special sense organs, where they relay information about sight, smell, or hearing from the receptor cells to other neurons. They are smaller than unipolar or multipolar neurons; the largest measure less than 30 mm from end to end.
  2. In a unipolar neuron, or pseudounipolar neuron, the dendrites and axon are continuous--basically, fused--and the cell body lies off to one side . In such a neuron, the initial segment lies where the dendrites converge. The rest of the process, which carries action potentials, is usually considered to be an axon. Most sensory neurons of the peripheral nervous system are unipolar. Their axons may extend a meter or more, ending at synapses in the central nervous system.
  3. Multipolar neurons have two or more dendrites and a single axon. Multipolar neurons  are the most common type of neuron in the CNS. For example, all the motor neurons that control skeletal muscles are multipolar neurons. Their axons can be as long as those of unipolar neurons
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A  multi polar neuron  is a type of neuron that possesses a single (usually long) axon and many dendrites, allowing for the integration of a great deal of information from other neurons. Multipolar neurons constitute the majority of neurons in the brain and include motor neurons and interneurons.


A unipolar neuron is a type of neuron in which only one protoplasmic process extends from the cell body. Unipolar neurons that begin as bipolar neurons during development are known as pseudounipolar neurons.


A bipolar cell is a type of neuron which has two extensions. Bipolar cells are specialized sensory neurons for the transmission of special senses. As such, they are part of the sensory pathways for smell, sight, taste, hearing and vestibular functions.

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