what are narrators veiw abouthis own village give examples

The narrator of the story, "Ranga's Marriage" seems to be very proud of his village. He considers Hosahalli to be an essential part of Mysore. According to him, Hosahalli is like the sweet filling of the South Indian sweet, "karigadabu". Hence, without Hosahalli, Mysore is incomplete. The narrator further goes on to describe the tranquility of his village. He describes the beautiful that the mango orchards of his village. He then goes on to mention that these trees produce one of sourest raw mangoes. The creepers growing around the village pond is also a versatile plant. Its flowers are fragrant and its leaves can be used to serve food in. On reading the description of the village of Hosahalli, it becomes apparent to the reader that the narrator is very proud of it. He cannot seem to stop admiring his village's natural beauty and its flora. The imageries used are so detailed that we can almost visualize the narrator's village.  

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