What are planets ?


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planet is a celestial body that orbits around a star. Earth is classified as a planet as it orbits the Sun, which is considered to be a star.

Planets are celestial bodies in space that orbit a star or stellar remnant and are within the mass range necessary to be rounded from gravity but not have thermonuclear.

Earth and the other three inner planets of our solar system (Mercury, Venus and Mars) are made of rock, containing common minerals like feldspars and metals ...

You live on planet earth also known as the Terra and it is the third planet outward from the Sun. It is the largest of the solar system's terrestrial planets,

The planets are made of different materials. Some of the planets are made of gases like Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. Earth, Venus, Mercury, and Mars are all ...

Planets are the large celestial bodies in the solar system which revolve around the sun. Some of the known planets in the solar system include Earth& Jupiter.

planet, the name derived from a Greek word for wanderer, is a large celestial body that orbits a star. Planets have their own gravitational field. Gas planets... 

Planets are the large masses that are found throughout the universe. Only 2 are said to be able to sustain life. Those are Mars and Earth.

The planets were thought by Ptolemy to orbit the Earth in deferent and epicycle motions. Although the idea that theplanets orbited the Sun had been suggested ...

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Planets are celestial bodies that don't have there own light.

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We have nine planets in our Solar System. These planets circle around the sun (as I’m sure you know already) this is called orbits. 

A lot of astronomy people like to think of the Solar System been made up in two parts

We have the Inner Solar System which has MercuryVenusEarth and not forgetting Mars. These are closest to the sun and are called the terrestrial planets simply because the have very solid rocky surfaces.

The Outer Solar System has Jupiter,SaturnUranusNeptune these are sometimes called the gas giants 

Out past Neptune you’ll find the small planet of Pluto which has a solid but icier surface. Many don’t class this as a planet anymore but you can read this on the Pluto page.

These two systems are separated bythe asteroid belt

Our Solar System also contains comets, moons, dust, gas and some minor planets.

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