what are reflexive and empathic pronoun?

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Reflexive pronouns are pronouns that refer back to the subject of the sentence or clause. They either end inself, as in the singular form, orselvesas in the plural form.Reflexive pronoun and empathic pronoun are same.

The singular reflexive pronouns are:



Himself, herself, itself

Plural reflexive pronouns include:




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Reflexive pronounsare formed by the addition of the suffixself(singular) orselves(plural) to simple pronouns such as my, your, her, him, it, them and our.

My + self = MyselfYour + self = YourselfOur + self = OurselvesThem + selves = ThemselvesIt + self = Itself

When the subject and the object refer to the same person, a reflexive pronoun is used for the object.

Emphatic pronounsWhen reflexive pronouns are used to put emphasis on a particular noun they are called emphatic pronouns.

Hehimselftold me this.I finished the jobmyself.Theythemselvesadmitted their mistake.Weourselveswitnessed the accident.

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