What are some measurable factors that can quantify pollution ?

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There are various measurable factors that are used to quantify pollution, out of which some are given below:
  • E.coli, an anaerobic bacteria, present in the intestine of humans and most of the other animals, is used to detect water contamination.
  • Water contamination can also be detected by various heavy metal tests, nitrate and phosphate tests. These tests are done to know the presence and level of toxic compounds.
  • The pitch of the sound is measured by using decibel (dB). The high-intensity pitch or loudness can cause noise pollution.
  • To determine the air pollution, the level of gases present in the atmosphere such as CO2, CO, NOx is calculated by using a gas sensor. 
  • The particulate matter suspended in the atmosphere is an important factor that can be used to detect and measure the air pollution.
  • The soil pollution can be quantified by measuring the level of organic matter present in the soil. Nitrate and phosphate tests are also conducted to check soil pollution.

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In this question you have to give all the name of the agents who are responsible for pollination.. They are:winds,water,insects,birds and many more...
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