what are the advantages of MODERN PERIODIC TABLE ?

The main advantages of modern periodic table are:

  • Easy to remember and reproduce –Because the elements are arranged in increasing orders. 
  • Positions of isotopes – All isotopes of an element have the same atomic number. So, they can be placed at one place in the same group.
  • Easy prediction of properties of elements – The position of elements are linked to their electronic configuration. So, it is possible to predict the property of an element by looking at its position.
  • Anamalous position of some pairs of elements has been justified – Elements are arranged in their increasing order of their atomic numbers.
  • Uncertainity in prediction of new elements has been removed - Because, atomic numbers increase by one in going from one element to the next. Therefore the number of new elements to be discovered in between any two known elements is equal to the difference in their atomic numbers.

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one of its main advantage is that now elements are arranged in a proper manner and we can identify the properties of the elements more easily now.........

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it has many merits such as

it tells us about the following

1.electronic configuration of atoms

2.that atomic numberand not atomic wt is the fundamental proprties of atoms

3.determine the phy and chemical properties if elements and compounds

4.elements are arranged in their increasing at numbers



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