what are the causes and effects of water pollution? write in a tabular form?

Causes Effects
Industrial waste

Causes toxicity in plants and animals.

Pollutes the soil by increasing its acidity, decreasing its fertility, and affecting the growth of worms which are beneficial for the soil.

Pesticides and fertilizers Kills aquatic organisms like fishes.
Seep into the ground and pollute the ground water.
Accelerates the growth of algae in the water bodies and damages it.

Sewage Contains many disease-causing pathogens which cause various diseases like typhoid, cholera, polio, hepatitis etc
Release of Superheated Water


Increases temperature of ambient water that reduces dissolved oxygen content of water bodies. The abrupt change in the temperature of water body can kill the fish and other organisms.

Release of Waste and Oil form Refineries Released oil penetrates into the plumage of birds and fur of mammals. This reduces their insulating ability and makes them more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations.

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