What are the challenges to free and fair elections in India?

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 First, everyone should be able to
choose. This means that everyone
should have one vote and every
vote should have equal value. S e c o n d ,   t h e r e   s h o u l d   b e
something to choose from. Parties
and candidates should be free to
contest elections and should offer
some real choice to the voters.
 Third, the choice should be offered
at regular intervals. Elections must
be held regularly after every few
 Fourth, the candidate preferred by
the people should get elected.
 F i f t h ,   e l e c t i o n s   s h o u l d   b e
c o n d u c t e d   i n   a   f r e e   a n d   f a i r
manner where people can choose
as they really wish
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  • FOUNDATIONAL CHALLANGE = it means making a transition to democracy and then instituting a democratic government.It also involves bringing down the non-democratic regime, keeping military away from controlling the government and establishing a sovereign and a functional state.
  • CHALLANGE OF EXPANSION = it involves applying all the basic principles of democracy across all regions ,social groups and different institutions.Ensuring greator power to the local governments,extention of federal principles to all units of federations, inclusion of women,minorities etc also fall under this challange.
  • DEEPENING OF DEMOCRACY = it simply means strengthening the institutions and the practices of democracy.It is faced by every country in one form or the other. It generally means strenthening those institutions which are under peoples paticipation and control.It requires an attempt to bring down the influence of the rich and the powerful in controlling government decisions...

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The challenges to free and fair elections are :-

  • A some candidates may win purely and unfair means.
  • Candidates and parties with a lot of money may not be sure of their victory but they do enjoy a big and unfair advantages over smaller parties and independents.
  • In some part of the countryn, candidates with criminal connections have been able to push others out of the electoral race and to secure a 'ticket ' from major engines.
  • Some families tend to dominate politicial parties, tickets are distributed to relative from these families.
  • Smaller parties and independent candidates suffer a huge disadvantage compared t bigger parties.

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