what are the characteristics of the particles of matter???

The characteristics of particles of matter are as follows:

1. Particles of matter have space between them

When we dissolve salt in water, it is observed that the particles of salt get evenly distributed in water. Also, it is observed that the presence of salt particles did not change the level of water in the beaker. This could be possible only if the particles of salt were accommodated in between the water particles. Thus, this clearly proves that space exists between water particles.

2. Particles of matter are in continuous motion

We know that there is a lot of space present between the particles of matter. Particles of matter are never at rest and keep moving continuously in these free spaces. The particles of matter move continuously and their speed increases with an increase in temperature.

3. Particles of matter attract each other

The particles of matter attract each other. However, this force of attraction varies from matter to matter.

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The characteristics of particles of matter are:

(i) Particles of matter have spaces between them.

(ii) Particles of matter are continuously moving.

(iii) Particles of mater attract each other.

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