what are the components of water potential ?

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Component of water potential is Matric potential, osmotic potential, gravitational potential, pressure potential, etc

Matric potential is the component of the water potential of plants and soils. It is used for surfaces which bind water. Values of matric potentials are always negative and range from 0 bar in fully turgid tissues to -10 bar in slightly wilted plants. As it is a part of water potential, it is negative.

Osmotic Potential: It is the potential of solution that makes water move from low solute concentration to high solute concentration across a semipermeable membrane.Pure water has zero potential, so for solutions, the value will be always negative as they have less water because of the presence of the solute.

Gravitational potential at a point in the gravitational field is the amount of work done in bringing a unit mass from infinity to that point. It is a scalar quantity.

Pressure potential is based on mechanical pressure. As water passes through the cell wall and cell membrane, it increases the total amount of water present inside the cell, which exerts an outward pressure.

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