What are the continuous ranges in terms of mountains and hills?
Why it is difficult to pass continuous ranges?

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A mountain chain is a row of high mountain summits, a linear sequence of interconnected or related mountains, or a contiguous ridge of mountains within a larger mountain range. The term is also used for elongated fold mountains with several parallel chains . Example-The Andes – 7,000 km,The Rockies – 4,830 km,The Great Dividing Range – 3,500 km and The Himalayas – 2,400 km.The Western Ghats-1600Km.(Hills ranges).
Mountains can be very difficult to cross. They are often rugged and filled with forests and wild animals, such as bears and wolves. They may have no natural 'passes,' or easy places to cross the mountains. Mountains can also be hard to climb or may have ice or snow or glaciers that make travel dangerous.

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