What are the difference between Acute and Chronic disease.

 acute diseases are short duration diseases wheareas chronic diseases are of long duration

eg. of acute disease- malaria, chicken-pox

eg. of chronic disease- AIDS, asthama

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 Acute disease 

 these last for only short period of time. These do not cause long term bad effects on human
 For e.g. cold, cough, typhoid, cholera etc.

Chronic Disease
 These last for a long time, even as much as a life time. these cause drastic long term effects on human health.. For e.g. tuberculosis, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, etc.


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An acute illness, on the other hand, typically starts suddenly and is short lived. Two common examples are colds and the flu. Some acute illnesses, those caused by viruses, will go away by themselves or with good home care; while others can be cured by antibiotics or other medical treatment.

A chronic illness is defined as any disease that develops slowly and lasts a long time. Examples of common chronic illnesses are diabetes, arthritis, congestive heart failure, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and stroke. Chronic conditions are typically caused by multiple factors


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An acute disease is the one which lasts for a short time. It can begin rapidly and the effect can be either mild, severe, or fatal. For eg influenza, strep throat.

A chronic disease is more persistent and lasts for a long time. It can also be mild, severe or fatal. Examples of chronic diseases are kidney disease, AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes. 

Thus, diseases can be said acute or chronic on the basis of how long they last and how quickly they develop.

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acute disease - which stay  for short time eg. common cold

chronic disease - which stay for long period eg. cancer

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acute diseases are those diseases which stays for shorter duration of time whereas chronic diseases are for longer period 

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