what are the difference between plant tissues and animal tissues?

Plant Tissue

Animal Tissue

Cells of plant tissue have cell wall.

Cells of animal tissue do not have cell wall.

Some tissues are living and some are dead.

All the tissues are living.

These tissues mainly act as supportive parts in different functions and provide strength.

These tissues control all functions even movement.

Mainly two types of tissues – permanent and meristematic.

Four types – muscle tissue, epithelial, nervous, connective.

These tissues require less energy and maintenance as plants do not require movement.

Due to extensive body mobility these tissues require more energy and maintenance.


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The difference between plant and animal tissue are :-

1) In plants, there is dead supportive tissues(like the bark which is hard for protection).Whereas in animals, living tissues are more as compared to dead ones(like hair).

2) Plant tissues require less maintenance energy but animal tissues need more.

3) Plant tissue organization is ment for stationary habit while animal tissue organization is targeted towards high mobility.

4) In plants, meristematic and permanent tissue are present ,whereas in animals such differentiation of tissues is absent.

5) Plants continue to grow throughout life while animals don't show growth after reaching maturity.

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