What are the different types of asexual reproduction . Explain with example.

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Asexual Reproduction is a form of reproduction that involves participation of single parent only. It does not involves sexual fusion of two gametes This type of reproduction produces identical offspring to parent.

There are 7 types of asexual reproduction


  1. Binary Fission:- the process in which one unicellular organism copies and gives 2 offsprings of the same species.Ex: Amoeba, Paramecium.
  2. Multiple Fission:- the process in which one unicellular organism copies to give more than 2 offsprings.Ex: Plasmodium.
  3. Spore Formation:- the process in which organisms reproduce by spore transportation.
  4. Regeneration:- the process in which offsprings take birth by generating from the parent.
  5. Budding:- the process in which bud produces from the parent.Ex: Hydra.
  6. Vegetative Propagation:- process of reproducing through plant parts.
  7. Fragmentation:- the process in which organism is produced through the fragments of the parent.
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