what are the different types of plateaus? explain it briefly

Plateau are classified in to different types. These are as follows :
  1. ‚ÄčIntermontane plateaus : These plateau are bordered by mountains and are the highest in the World. 
  2. Piedmont plateaus : These plateau are bordered on one side by mountains and on the other by a plain or sea.
  3. Continental plateaus :  These plateau are bordered on all sides by the plains or seas and are formed away from mountains.
  4. Volcanic plateaus: These plateau are a product of   volcanic activity. 
  5. Dissected plateaus : These plateau are  highly eroded plateaus cut by rivers and broken by deep narrow valleys.

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There are thre types of plateaus:-

  • Volcanic
  • Dissected
  • Intermontane

Volcanic plateaus are formed by volcanic activity. Dissected plateaus are formed by erosion. intermontane plateaus are created through movement of tectonic plates.

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