what are the effects of earthquake?

Some major effects of the earthquakes are as follows:

  1. Shaking of land
  2. Tsunami
  3. Ground splitting
  4. Landslides
  5. Floods
  6. Fire
  7. Loss of life or injuries may be caused if proper measures not taken
  8. Loss of property 

NOTE: These effects might not caused if the magnitude of the quake is below 5 (at least) in Richter scale. Earthquakes cause destruction usually when the magnitude is usually above 6 in Richter scale. However, any type of earthquake should not be taken lightly, we must always be ready to follow the safety measures and also try to make others aware of the measures. The main thing that should be remembered is that we must never panic during an earthquake. As panic can stop the thinking ability of the person and may be the person can take steps that may result to a painful result. So, hope all of them reading this post may learn something from the above lines and also try to follow it. 

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 Destructive effects:-
1.loss of life and property
2.landslide and floods
4.fire may breakout due to dislocation of electrical wiring

Constructive effects:-
1.formation of lakes and hot springs
2.lifting of water table
3.exposure to deep minerals and formation of new minerals
4.may create new coastal plains that are very fertile

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earthquake is caused due to deep disturbance in the earth`s crust.This disturbance is caused due to moving of plates. the power of the earthquake is measured in magnitudes on a scale called "Ritcher Scale".earthquake can cause much loss in property,buisness,can make people poor, homless.suppose if an eartquake occurs we must follow the safety measures which will help in saving our lives from eartquake.

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deformed ground surface

damage to human-made structures

loss of human and animal life

devastating fire


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