What are the factors affecting friction?Explain with the help of activity.

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Friction actually depends on the roughness or smoothness of the surfaces of the object. Even some smooth objects that we usually see everyday (ex. glass, mirror) aren't that smooth when magnified by strong microscopes. They still have rough surfaces therefore they can also have friction.

Factors that affect friction:
1.) Adhesion
2.) Surface roughness
3.)The area of an object which is in contact with the surface. The larger the surface in contact, the greater friction.
4.)The texture of the surface and/or the object. The rougher/more uneven the surface/object, the greater the friction.
5.) The weight on the surface. The larger the weight, the greater the friction
6.)The angle of the surface. The greater the angle of the surface, the greater the friction.

The activity given above is correct.
The last line in activity will start as "It will give ".
Another activity is described below,

  • Take some items like a toy car, ball, book, shoe with rubber sole, a wooden block.
  • Put each item at the top of the slide or ramp and let it fall down on its own. Don't push. Measure the distance it covers.
  • Try wetting the slide and then retesting the items to see if they went farther than before. This shows how change in surface affects the motion.

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