what are the four manufacturing sectors

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Four sectors of manufacturing are foods, chemicals, textiles, machines and equipment.

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Manufacturing: Production of goods in large quantities after processing the raw materials into more valuable products is called manufacturing.
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reorder Search Question here student-name Rishi Kumar asked in Social Science what is manufacturing sector? Describe the four types of manufacturing sectors on the basis of ownership SHARE 1 Follow 0 student-name Charu Kalra answered this 22730 helpful votes in Social Science, Class X . The following points may help you: a. Manufacturing is the process of converting raw material into finished and more valuable products, This sector transforms raw materials into finished products creating more choices for the consumers and a more prosperous society. b. Example of manufacturing industries are Cotton textile industry, automobile industry, iron and steel industry, electronic products industry. On the basis of ownership, manufacturing sector can be classified in the following: a. Public sector, where means of production are owned by the government. We may give example BHEL, SAIL etc b. Private sector under which industries are owned and controlled by private individuals or group of people. We may give example of TISCO, Jindal steel etc. c. Joint sector where both private and government has a stake,,where means of production are jointly owned by the private and public sector, we may give example of Oil India ltd. d. Cooperative sector, , members pool in their resources, and from their deposits they seek loans from the banks.These societies have allowed people who are the producers of raw material and workers to collaborate .farmers cooperatives, weavers cooperatives, milk cooperatives etc. They are operated by suppliers of raw materials, or workers or by both .
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