what are the limitations of drip irrigation system with respect to a large country like ours ????

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The limitations of drip irrigation system are as follows:
  • The high cost of drip irrigation system makes it unable to reach the poor farmers of the country. 
  • The cleanup cost after harvesting crop is also very high. 
  • High skills are required. If the system is not installed properly it can lead to wastage of water, time, and harvest.
  • This method is not a good option for close growing crops such as wheat or rice because of their high capital investment per hectare. 

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The high distribution uniformity inherent in a well-designed SDI system can be readily destroyed through emitter clogging. The orifice diameters of emitters are usually 0.5 to 1 mm2 and are susceptible to clogging by root penetration, sand, rust, microorganisms, water impurities and chemical precipitates. This clogging is usually the result of insufficient water filtration, lateral flushing and/or chemical injection.
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