What are the prudential reasons to support democracy?

  •  democracy provides accountable responsive and legitimate govt
  • it provides equality before law for all
  • gives a room to correct mistaks
  • right to vote
  • enchances dignity of the individual
  • removes the distiguesd majority and minority rule
  • it is a rule of people
  • compared to other forms of govt democracy is best suited becoz it gives people a chance to make decision and public opinion is main imp

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  1. In a democracy, we are most concerned with ensuring that people will have the right to choose their rulers and people will have control over the rulers. Therefore, the most basic outcome of democracy should be that it produces a government that is accountable to the citizens.
  2. The democratic government develops mechanisms for citizens to hold the government accountable and mechanisms for citizens to take part in decision making whenever they think fit.
  3. The following practices and institutions: regular, free and fair elections; open public debate on major policies and legislations; and citizens’ right to information about the government and its functioning.
Responsive to the needs and expectations of the citizens.
Legitimate Government-
Democratic government is legitimate government. It may be slow, less efficient, not always very responsive or clean. But a democratic government is people’s own government. That is why there  is an overwhelming support for the idea of democracy all over the world. As the accompanying evidence from South Asia shows, the support exists in countries with democratic regimes as well as countries without democratic regimes. People wish to be ruled by representatives elected by them. They also believe that democracy is suitable for their country. Democracy’s ability to generate its own support is itself an outcome that cannot be ignored.
Discussions and deliberation-
  1. Non-democratic rulers do not have to bother about deliberation in assemblies or worry about majorities and public opinion. So, they can be very quick and efficient in decision making and implementation.
  2. Democracy is based on the idea of deliberation and negotiation. So, some delay is bound to take place.
  3. Democratic government will take more time to follow procedures before arriving at a decision. But because it has followed procedures, its decisions may be both more acceptable to the people and more effective.
  4. Democracy ensures that decision making will be based on norms and procedures.
A citizen who wants to know if a decision was taken through the correct procedures can find this out. She has the right and the means to examine the process of decision making. This is known as transparency.
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Some prudential reasons of democracies can be justified as......

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