what are the similarities and differences between natural and synthetic fibres ????

There is hardly any similarity between natural and synthetic fibres. But there are differences between natural and synthetic fibres. They are as follows.

 Natural fibresSynthetic fibres
1.Natural fibres are obtained from plants and animalsA synthetic fibre is made up of small units that are joined together to form a single large unit called polymer
2.Natural fibres are more prone to moth attacksThey are either less prone or resistant to moth attacks.
3.Natural fibres like cotton and jute get  wrinkled very easilyThey do not get wrinkled easily
4.Natural fibres such as silk and wool require  delicate handlingThey do not require delicate handling

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What is the difference between natural fibers and artificial fibers? Well, in this post I will attempt to explain and educate. :)

A vintage sweater most likely made from fabric containing acrylic. A vintage dress pattern that looks best with natural fabrics like cotton or linen. 

Natural fibers are fibers derived from plants and animals. Natural = nature. A few examples would be cotton, wool, and linen. Usually natural fibers tend to wrinkle and crease more easily than artificial fibers. Natural fibers also breathe more easily and respond to change in temperature and different climates. So, if it 's a hot sunny day you are better off wearing a cotton shirt than a polyester one. And if you wash a wool sweater in hot water... it shrinks!

Artificial or Synthetic fibres begin as chemical solutions. They can also be made from natural fibres but are processed to create a synthetic fiber. Synthetic fibers are not as porous as natural fibers and are also not as absorbent (don 't wear polyester if you 're going to be sweating...) On the plus side, synthetic fibers tend to wrinkle less and have less creases. 

Here are some examples of fabrics made from artificial fibres: 
1.} Acrylic - sweaters, dresses
2.} Nylon - dresses, lingerie, blouses
3.} Polyester - dresses, suits, blouses, linings, lingerie
4.} Rayon - dresses, blouses, draperies, linings
5.} Acetate - lingerie, dresses, blouses

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