what are the ways to conserve natural resources?

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Natural resources are the resources which nature has provided us. These can be renewable (for example air, water, sunlight and  soil) or non renewable (coal, petroleum, wild life). Conservstion of non renewable resources is of much concern since their replanishment time is quite long. Following are some of ways through which we can conserve our natural resources:

  • Judicious use of the fossil fuels
  • Use of alternate source of energy like solar energy, hydro energy etc
  • While travelling we should encourage car pool rather than using individual cars.
  • We should encourage 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) of environment.
  • Reducing the wastage of paper conserve the trees.
  • Wildlife can be conserved through setting up the national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, etc. and implementing their rules strictly.

There are many more ways people can conserve their natural resources. All what is required is to have a look around and see what natural resources in use, and find out ways to limit their usage.

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