what art the merits of introducing western education in india?

Following were he merits of introducing western education by the British:

1.It broadened up the minds of the people and made them think rationally instead of blindly supporting orthodox norms, values and superstitious beliefs.I made people more civilised.

2.It introduced people to the new ideas and innovations which widened the periphery of learning.

3.It created unity among the people of different regions and later on build up the feeling of nationalism and political consciousness.

4. It also generated the ideas of great thinkers and philosophers like Rousseau, Voltaire etc whose ideas of democracy,liberty and equality had great impact on the people.


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The merits of introducing western education in India are -----

1.) It provides with better ideas and helps to question and change the meaningless orthodoxical beliefs.

2.) It opens a wide scope of learning as new ideas and innovations are introduced to the students.

3.) It helps in clear thinking as all aspects of the world remain open to us.

4.) It provides a spirit of a healthy competition at the international level.


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