What can we do to reduce the load of pollutants in waste water and the pressure on

Wastewater Treatment Plant?

Wastewater is generated during various activities in homes, industries, hospitals, offices, and laundry services etc. This waste water is called sewage.

The activities that we can undertake to reduce the production of waste materials and pollutants can be grouped into two broad categories

Activities at home to reduce waste generation

  • Fats and oils block sewer pipes, thereby reducing the filteration of water. Thus, you should always throw oils and fats in the dustbins.

  • You should not throw chemicals such as motor oils, medicines, insecticides, solvents, and paints in water because these chemicals kill the microbes that help in cleaning the water.

  • Tea leaves, soft toys, cotton sanitary towels, solid food remains etc. should not be thrown in the sewer pipes or drains because they block these pipes. They also block the flow of oxygen, thereby causing a disturbance in the degradation of waste materials. Thus, you should always throw these materials in the dustbins.

Activities at public places to reduce waste generation

  • Large numbers of people visit public places such as bus stops, airports, railway stations, hospitals etc. everyday. It should be the responsibility of every individual to keep these places clean.

  • Every citizen must try to keep public toilets neat and clean. People should not excrete in the open places as it poses a serious health hazard.

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