What did the MIC start to leak from uc plant

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The world’s worst industrial tragedy took place in Bhopal. Union Carbide (UC), an American company had a factory in the city in which it produced pesticides​​​​​​. Around midnight 2 am, in 1984, Methyl Isocyanate (MIC), a highly poisonous gas started leaking from the plant. Within three days of this leakage, more than 8000 people were dead and thousands were maimed.
The leak happened because of carelessness, delayed maintenance, slack and unaccountable management on the part of management when a pipe blockage caused a backflow of water into the tank of MIC and triggered the disaster. Moreover, the alarms of the factory were not working so there was no signal. This incident would have been avoided if the industry has taken up proper safety and precautionary measures. In this case, the Right to Life guaranteed to workers working in a harmful environment was violated. It may also be pointed out that Government officials were careless and hence, refused to recognize the plant as hazardous and has allowed it thereby, to be set up in a highly-populated locality. Though there were protests from municipal officials in Bhopal for the installation of this UC plant in 1978, government was in the position that it required continued investments of the plant as it provided job opportunities to many.






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