What difficulties which a consumer face if there is no retail shop?


Retail shops are the final stage of distribution through which retailers directly sell goods to the final consumers. Retail shops act as a link between manufacturers/wholesalers and consumers as they buy goods from manufacturers/wholesalers and sell them directly to consumers. 
If there is no retail shop, consumers would face the following difficulties:
(a) Product information: Retailers provide customers information about new products, their features, prices, etc. This information helps the customers in deciding which product to buy, thus facilitating their product choice. The consumer would remain ignorant about all that information.
(b) Wide range of goods: Retail shops generally offer customers a wide variety of goods such as stationery goods, dairy products, and food items. Consumers would not be able to enjoy such a wide variety of goods without the retailers.
(c) Convenient locations: Retail shops are generally established close to residential localities. They remain open for long hours, providing convenience to customers. Purchasing any kind of goods would become highly inconvenient without retailers.
(d) Credit facilities: Retailers at times offer goods on credit to their regular customers. This helps customers to maintain their level of consumption even when they are facing financial difficulties. The consumers would remain deprived of many products without such facilities.
(e) Regular availability of products: Retail shops ensure the regular and timely availability of goods produced by different manufacturers. Thus, they make it possible for customers to purchase the goods they require as and when the need arises. They wouldn't be able to access the required products on time without the retailers.
(f) After-sales services: Many customers look for after-sales services, such as repair of equipment, and many retail shops provide these services to their customers or arrange for them. Without these services, consumers would stop buying a wide variety of products and in some cases, even if those products are useful to them.

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