What do you mean by following meanings as written in my bio book plz ans meritnation experts only in a sheet of paper only i need handwritten ans. 1.meaning of state also make a sentence 2.meaning of physical,mental and social well being .3.meaning of not merely and make a sentence also.4meaning of absence.5.meaning of infirmity.meaning of organs also i need different organs examples.6.also explain me physical,mental and social health plz understand i need all these definations in a sheet of paper in easier way according to the picture

Dear student, Social health means how good you are in keeping interpersonal relationships with others. It also means how good you are in adapting comfortably to different social situations and act appropriately in a variety of settings. Physical health determines your overall well being and includes all other aspects such as social health, mental health, spiritual health and environmental health. Mental health means the absence of psychological disorder or psychological well-being. I have explained one meaning. Kindly ask the other meanings in a separate thread. Thanks and regards

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