What do you understand by complex tissue? Name the two types of complex permanent tissue present in plants? Give one function of each complex tissue.

Complex permanent tissues are made up of more than one type of cells. All these cells work in a coordinated manner to perform one common function.

Functions of different parts of xylem are : ( any one )

  • Tracheids and vessels allow the transport of water and minerals vertically.
  • Xylem parenchyma cells store food and help in the sideways conduction of water.
  • Xylem fibresare mainly supportive in function.

Functions of different parts of phloem are : ( any one )

  • Sieve tubesare tubular cells with perforated walls.
  • Companion cellsare elongated cells that are always associated with sieve tubes. They perform metabolic functions and help in water translocation.
  • Phloem parenchymacells are associated with the phloem tissue. They pack other types of cells together.
  • Phloem fibresare non-living cells and are supportive in function.
  • Sieve tubes and the companion cells are involved in the translocation of organic substances.
  • Phloem parenchyma and phloem fibres play only a supporting role in the process

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complex tissue means when many diff. types of tissues combine together to form a tissue that tissue is called a complex tissue.e.g.xylem and phoelem

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