What do you understand by “underground root” and “underground stem”? Explain giving at least one example each

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Underground Stem: Some stems grows underground and extends below the surface of the soil. They are modified to perform some special features such as to store food, reproduction, protection from animals etc. They can be classifies as Rhizomes, tuber, bulbs or corms etc. For example: Potato, Ginger 

Underground Root: Generally roots of the plants grows below the surface of soil in plants to absorb water and minerals. Some of them also get modified to store food and hence they are the main edible parts of the plants. For example: Carrot, Sweet Potato

Hope this will clear your doubt.

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Underground root is the root which is under the ground. Underground stem is the stem which is under the ground.For eg. onion
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The root that grows under the ground is known as underground root.E.g onion carrot radish etc.
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