what does the narattor say about hosa halli

The narrator lives in a small village called hosahalli in the state of karnataka. He says that there is not even a shadow of their village on any of the maps. There are some mango trees in his village." If you just took a bite, the sourness is sure to go straight to your brahmarandhra". By this, the narrator means to convey the extreme potency of sourness in the fruit of their village. Their village also has creepers growing in the ever-so-fine water of the village pond.(note that he has said that the water is ever-so-fine). Its flowers are a feast to behold. He says Ifwe would take two leaves from the creeper whenwe go to the pond for a bath,we may not have to worry about not having leaves on which to serve the afternoon meal. He also asks us to send a letter to him so that he would let us know where hosahalli is and about thethings are special about hosahalli.

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The narrator lives in village Hosahalli which is in Mysore. Mango trees are famous for their sourness , if anyone eat these fruit , then he will suffered from the cough. Creeper growing in the fine water .Two leaves of creeper are sufficient of bathing and also used to serve afternoon meal.
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Why does the poet say that the sea appears have to change less
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The nerrator was living on the village Hosahalli in Karnataka .He describe the village as there is a mango tree which give you a raw mango from one of them . The sourness is sure to go straight to your bahmarandhra . there is creeper leaves which is sometimes useful for serving the meal because of the size of the leaves is too big that it can be used for serving
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Hosahalli village is the scene of action.There is no mention of it in geography books written by sahibs in England or Indian writers .Not even local cartographers displayed it in maps.The narrator highlights its importance by comparing at to filling of Karigadabu -a South Indian festive meal
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