What does the term trait means?

Traits are the characteristic property of an organism which are controlled by some specific  genes. 

They can be either inherited or acquired.

Inherited traitis a distinguishing quality or characteristic, which one acquires from the  ancestor.These involve changes in the DNA. Hence, they are transmitted to the progeny.

An acquired trait is experienced by an individual during his life time. It involves changes in  non- reproductive tissues (or somatic cells), which cannot be passed on to the germ cells or  progeny.

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trait involves gene and the characteristics of an organism

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trait means characteristics

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A relatively stable predisposition to act in a certain way. Traits are usually applied to personality. Each trait is often represented as a two-dimensional construct (e.g. honest-dishonest; assertive-non-assertive) represented by a scale along which an individual can be rated. Traits are viewed as being consistent across a wide variety of different situations (see trait theory).

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