What happens if father is Rh( negative) and mother is Rh(positive)??

How does it affect the sebsequent child ????

  Possibilities for the Rh status of child from  Rh- father and  Rh+mother  .

If mother is homozygous for Rh+, then all childs will definitely be Rh+. 

If mother is  heterozygous for Rh+ then child can either be Rh+ or Rh- . 


For Rh+child

Mother is Rh+ then having Rh+ blood of the fetus will not be foreign (antigen) so no antibodies will be produced against each other. 

For Rh-child

 If developing child is Rh- and  mother is Rh+, then mother will recognize fetal blood as foreign molecule (antigen) and will produce antibodies against it that kill fetus, leading to stillbirth.

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