What happens to our inner throat when our we get cough ?

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Whatever Priyanshu has written is partially correct.
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Coughing is a reflex that begins when the sensory nerves in the respiratory system are stimulated due to the presence of a chemical or mechanical stimulus.  When the cough receptors are stimulated, an impulse travels through the nerves to the cough center in the medulla. This causes the cough center to respond by sending information to the muscles in the respiratory system to contract in such a way that it produces a cough to throw the irritant out of the body at great force along with a burst of air.


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Thereafter?the cough?centre triggers?the?diaphragm and intercostal muscles to contract, making?the?thoracic cavity smaller and building up pressureinside the?chest? then?the?closed glottis opens allowing?the?high pressure air to suddenly escape from?the?chest through?theairways hopefully taking with it any irritating ...
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