what happens to the flower after fertilization

After the process of fertilization, different parts of the plants show different types of changes:

  1. The stamen and the sepal of the flowers wither away.
  2. The sepal of the flower usually dries of after the process of fertilization or it may remain attached even after this in some species.
  3. The ovary in the flower thickens and enlarges to form the fruit.
  4. The ovule present in the flower becomes the seeds.

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after ferilization the ovary of flower turns as fruit and remaining parts get dry and fall down ..

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after the fertilization , the ovary of the flower is turned as fruit and the other parts dries anf at last they fall down....

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After fertilization egg changes to seed, flower shed its petal and is converted into fruit.

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After Fertilization :-

1.  The ovary,Reproductive part of Flower Becomes fruit.

2.The Ovary wall becomes Fruit wall

3.Ovule becomes seed

4.Stigma,Style,Petal,Anther Etc. fall off

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after the fertilization the flower has no use.so it is used store food.to store food it turns into a fruit.

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