What happens when: 1) Dry apricots are left for sometime impure water and later transferred to sugar solution.

2) A red blood cells is kept in concentrated saline solution?

3) Rheo leaves are boiled in water first and then a drop of sugar syrup is put on it.

1. When a dry apricot is placed inside pure water for some time, it will swell up as water enters inside the apricot. It occurs due to endosmosis. Here the concentration of solute is lower in water than inside the apricot. Thus water enters inside to maintain equilibrium.

After that if the swollen apricot is placed inside sugar solution it will shrink again due to exosmosis. As the sugar solution has higher solute concentration the liquid inside the apricot comes out towards the solution with higher concentration resulting in shrinkage of the fruit.

2. If a red blood cell is placed inside concentration saline solution, the water will come out and the cell will shrink. This happens because the concentration of the solution outside is higher than inside the cell. Thus as a result of osmosis, water comes out of the cell to maintain equilibrium.

3. When Rheo leaves are boiled, all the cells of the leaves become dead. Then if it placed in sugar syrup nothing will happen as liquid cannot pass through dead cell membrane. The cells loose their permeability as they are dead.

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