What happens when carbonmonoxide mixes with haemoglobin?

See carbonmonoxide is a lethal gas becuase it mixes with the haemoglobin and forms carboxyhaemoglobin which leads to death

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CO (carbon monoxide) is caused due to the incomplete burning of fuels. This reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. We know that heamoglobin combines with oxygen to form oxyheamoglobin. The blood transports this oxygen to various cells of our body. Heamoglobin (Hb)  has a greater tendancy to combine with CO than oxygen. When CO is present in the atmosphere, Hb tends to combine with CO to form carboxyheamoglobin. The cells in our body fail to receive oxygen. This  may lead to suffocation, or even death.

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carbon monoxide is a form of laughing gas if it is inhaled hb combines with it it forms laughhaemoglobule it can even lead to laughing      

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It becomes carboxy haemoglobin oxygen in blood reduces and it leads to unconciosness or even death.
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when carbon-monooxide mixes with hemoglobin it does not allow red blood cell to enter,which are binded with oxygen.hence,it results in death.
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