What id your opinion regarding the human activities that have disrupted the movement of minerals in the ecosystem?

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The following points may help you:

a. Human activities have resulted in a number of changes in the ecosystem impacting the quality and quantity of minerals.
b. Deforestation rate has been increased with the increase in human population and industrialization.
c. This has led to extinction of many species of plants and animals
d. Even cutting down of trees to clear land for agricultural purposes has resulted in significant loss of forest cover, impacting our natural resources.
e. Human activities have resulted in increased pollution of all natural resources like water, air, etc, which impacst the quality of minerals.
Urbanisation, industrialization has increased the pollution and has brought about dramatic changes in the climate.
g. Human activities have resulted in various phenomena’s like global warming and melting of glaciers. This is resulting in an overall change in the temperature and climate of earth and its environment.Phenomena's like floods, landslides, Tsunami are the result of increase in the sea water level primarily caused due to global warming, melting of glaciers, bringing damage to our rich mineral resources.
h. Such natural disasters impacts the poor who lose everything in the midst of such calamities and are further driven into poverty.
i. Depletion of natural resources effects poor , tribals the hardest who are dependent on forest  for their sustenance.


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