What idea.does.J.B. Priestley want to communicate to the audience throughthe play Mother's Day?

The play 'Mother's Day' conveys the message that the woman in the house needs to be appreciated for all her efforts in keeping the house and the family in order. Our mothers and wives work hard daily, turning our houses into homes. They receive no wages, have no weekends off and work round the clock. Little do we realise the hard work they put in to make it all perfect. We take them for granted and never appreciate them or stop by to drop a word of 'thanks'. The story very clearly states that our mothers and wives have equal right to relax, to enjoy their lives and that they deserve acknowledgement and appreciation.

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'An Inspector Calls' Essay In Act One of 'An Inspector Calls' how does J.B. Priestley use dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to the members of the audience, as well as interest and involve them in his play. 'An Inspector Calls' is a morality play - a form of play developed in the late middle ages in which a Christian moral lesson was brought out through the struggle between the forces of good and evil - set in 1912, and revolves around the questioning of a family by Inspector Goole about the suicide of a young woman (Eva Smith) that the family knew.The author, J.B....
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The plight of the feminine in a family in specific of a mother's desperate condition is the main instigation of him. The author wants us to review the kind of respect and importance we give and the respect which the mothers deserve unbiasedly, in this male dominated society.
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